Monday, November 8, 2010

Spotlight: Hostess Aprons

I love wearing an apron. Not only does it protect my clothes from the inevitable spills in life, but they can be a stylish accessory. At the Holiday Bazaar this coming Saturday, I'll have several to choose from.
For those who want an apron to wear at times other than Christmas, I have this lovely green and blue apron. I'll also have a couple of pink apple aprons, which aren't finished as of today.
This cute apron matches my pillowcases, and there will also be a coordinating table runner. If this makes you happy, then come early! I would hate for someone to buy what you have your heart set on.
I think this one is my favorite. It reminds me of a time when you took off the apron you had been wearing all day and put on a fresh one for your husbands arrival.
Lastly, here we have my mom modeling her apron. The ruffle on the bottom and the yolk top create a flattering look that will last for years to come.