Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dick and Jane Quilt

This is the start of a Dick and Jane quilt. Still to be added are a narrow green border and a larger yellow border. The finished quilt will be about 40 inches square. I love the retro feel of this fabric. Retro is so modern.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink Apron Set

This set was created for a lucky 7 year old for her birthday. Her mom told me her favorite colors were pink and purple, and I immediately thought of this fabric. She also got an American Girl doll for Christmas, so a coordinated doll apron was a must-have.

Mini-me was my model for the day. Models don't always smile. This apron is a size 6, while Mini-me is a 4, just to give you an idea of fit.

The apron has a yolk top, which eliminates the tie at the neck. The straps on the doll apron criss-cross on the back.

My favorite part of the little girl aprons are the pockets. They have a gathered bottom half. Too cute!