Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The items from my first show are done and delivered. What a great feeling that is! My workshop feels much lighter.

The brown bags were filled with smaller items, like the aprons or "feminine rolls." Then, each bag and purse had a tag with the person's name on it.

These 6 bags were just part of what I did this past month. I had 3 other orders from people not at the show, and those bags had already been delivered. Curly's favorite is the black and white bag. I would have a hard time picking a favorite. I loved them all. The fabric with the blue background with green and brown flowers was very popular. It was represented in 5 bags of the 9 bags.


Melonius said...

How much do you charge for one of them thar totes?

Grace said...

They are really so beautiful.

jlk said...

Melonius -- the cost is as follows:

Library Tote -- $30
Small Bag -- $40
Large Bag -- $50
Diaper Bag -- $60